Remove Linkey Project from your PC Effectively

Remove Linkey Project infection from your Windows PC / Laptop

Linkey Project comes under the family of potentially unwanted program that cleverly comes in your systemn and remove all files and folder from their real location. Such type of threat promotes lots illegal advertisement in order to cheat innocent user and also provide lots of attractive coupons which are completely fake. Usually it preform lots of illegal activities as well as also sluggish the speed of system. basically Linkey Project disable the useful system resources and also makes all file inaccessible and it not allow user to download any application on their infected system. Beside that it bring number of other threat which makes your computer totally useless. Linkey Project spread itself from one system to another as well also distributed through hacked or infected websites.

Linkey Project has been ability to change your system setting as well as without giving any notice it also modifies the registry entries if system. In such a way search result automatically redirected to untrusted websites and also it makes system resources useless. It blocks all security system and also disable the work of genuine antivirus. Apart from this it steal your personal information like password, email account, user name, bank details, credit history and so on in order to make illegal money by using them. Furthermore, such type of infection completely harm the system vulnerabilities or leads to computer crashes. So it is suggested you to remove Linkey Project from your PC as early as possible.

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Technical Description of Linkey Project

Linkey Project, once it enters the host computer gets itself replicated to the other one using MS08-67 or (Microsoft Windows Server Service RPC Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability). In no time at all this particular infection spreads like a wild fire over the hard drive; thereby making it absolutely impossible to get rid of it at first instance. Linkey Project comes packed in a multi layer coding and is quite difficult for the antivirus so installed in the PC to analyze it properly. More often than not the antivirus is unable to detect it and the infection continues its malicious activities under its very nose.

The infection breaks all the system emulators because it comes packed in double layers of obfuscating UPX. The cyber thugs have taken special care in enveloping the malware with multiple forms of encryption; thereby making it quite difficult to interpret at one go. The infection does not have a PE header file and it acts like an invalid executable application and hence it can never be written on the disk. The worst part about this threat is that it looks like a normal memory allocated page but in reality it is deterring the other executable process inside the PC. So it is very important that you remove Linkey Project as soon as possible from your Windows system.


Possible Causes of Linkey Project Infection

Virus and spyware writers across the globe are working round the clock to design and develop latest and severe threats that can wreck havoc inside the PC. Linkey Project is a very good example of the things so stated above. You will have no idea whatsoever as to when and how it booked a ticket for itself inside your system hard drive. There are many ways through which your PC can catch this infection; although some are more popular methods than others.

Your Windows system can get infected with the aforesaid threat by 5 possible known reasons mentioned below:

  • if the system is not patched up with the latest security updates, then it is likely that the PC is vulnerable to virus attacks like Linkey Project.
  • weak administrator passwords often paves the way for malware like Linkey Project to gain entry to the system. Hackers use brute force techniques to gain system password and cause unwanted hassles to the user concerned.
  • autoplay feature being enabled in the system and when you insert any infected external storage device like pen drive, usb, memory card, memory stick, zip drive etc.
  • infection can also enter into the PC through unauthenticated sharing of files and folder especially through Bluetooth when activated inside the system.
  • watching movies, videos etc online and also playing online games from the untrusted or illegitimate websites can pave the way for Linkey Project to gain entry to PC.

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How to Know if PC is Infected with Linkey Project

Ladies and gentleman this is the year 2013 and socially engineered (“easy to fool you”) computer viruses are making their way from a hackers workstation, into your cherished home computer and Linkey Project is a very good example of the same. When the system becomes infected with a virus, it is a nightmare for the user concerned. People don’t have the slightest idea as to how the infection perpetrated inside the hard drive without their least knowledge or understanding. There could be reasons responsible like no antivirus or outdated antivirus, weak firewall etc.

Some of the common symptoms that can alert you of the presence of Linkey Project inside the hard drive of your Windows PC:

  1. PC takes time to connect to antivirus related websites
  2. you will not be able to update your Windows OS
  3. autorun.inf files inside Recycle folder of the drive
  4. unexpected and random restarting of the computer
  5. task manager is indicating large amount of CPU usage
  6. Printouts that you take are faulty and incorrect
  7. you might receive emails that you don’t recall sending
  8. broadband modem showing traffic activity when not in use
  9. new programs that are installed gets deleted automatically
  10. all of a sudden you receive more spam messages in inbox
  11. DVD and CD ROM drives may not be detected in Windows
  12. random playing of the sound from the computer speakers
  13. Windows Security Center is no longer working

There could be many other symptoms but you got to understand that you detect the important clues that could spell digital disaster to your PC. If you are experiencing anyone of the symptoms listed above, then you need to remove Linkey Project at the earliest. Always remember that ——— “It is Better to be Safe than Being Sorry

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Linkey Project Creates Malicious Files on Hard Drive

After gaining entry into the Windows PC, Linkey Project generates a lot of malicious and other related files inside the hard drive like the ones mentioned below:

  • %Temp%\Linkey Project
  • %AppData% Linkey Project
  • %LocalAppData%\Linkey Project
  • %LocalAppData%\Linkey Project.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\Linkey Project


  1. %Temp% refers to the Windows Temp folder
  2. %AppData% refers to the current users Application Data folder.
  3. %CommonAppData% refers to the Application Data folder for the All Users Profile.
  4. %LocalAppData% refers to the current users Local settings Application Data folder.
  5. %CommonAppData% refers to the Application Data folder in the All Users profile.

Linkey Project also modifies the registry entries by altering the settings from the Windows Registry Editor. It creates a lot of malicious and some of them are mentioned below:


These malicious files compromises with the overall settings and working of your Windows PC and conjures unnecessary hidden processes that are hard to detect. This in turn results in degrading system performance. If you are not serious and don’t remove Linkey Project, then you will have to pay heavily for the consequences that would commence in the coming days.


Aftermath of Linkey Project Infection

It is quite a difficult task to tell whether your Windows system has been compromised or not. Virus and spyware writers go in great length and depth to conceal the presence of the infection before the user finds that the damage is done. The same thing holds true for Linkey Project also. You will have no idea whatsoever how fast this threat wrecks havoc in a very small span of time.

The malicious activities of Linkey Project are summarized under the following headings:

1. Computer is Speaking to Me: Unwanted pop ups and error messages becomes the order of the day. You will receive frustrating messages either while working on some applications or browsing the internet. Undue amount of advertising is done telling you that your PC is in great risk and you need protection for its Saviour.

2. Tortoise & Snail Running Faster than PC: You might experience that the overall speed and performance of your system has been compromised. Even the normal tasks like restarting and shutting of computer takes a hell lot of time, leave alone the heavy applications. You might also experience BSOD messages and random freezing of the PC.

3. Where Have my Files Gone? Linkey Project sometimes deletes all the important files and folders available on the desktop or in the system drives without your permission or consent. Important stuffs like bank statements, credit card details and other financial records cannot be accessed and the threat does this task deliberately to make you a victim of identity theft and steal all your money.

4. Oh .. My Antivirus is Disabled: Another typical characteristic of this particular threat is that it disables your antivirus and renders it useless. Your security system is no longer in use and therefore it paves the way for other threats like browser hijackers, adware or rogue antispyware to gain entry to your PC and cause further hassles.

5. My PC Has Gone Mad Literally: You might experience strange sounds out of the blue moon from your computer speakers. At times you find that your desktop background has been changed to something like an insect eating a worm or like that. Internet sessions open sporadically on their own and library files for running applications or games have disappeared on their own.

Linkey Project Denies Access to Legitimate Websites

Computer threats are something that a PC user show be aware of because the whole data is at stake. It is quite difficult to live happily with a virus sitting inside the PC. A new variant of the infection in the form of Linkey Project has been detected in the internet hub lately and it has been casting sorrows worldwide because of its severity. The worst part about the threat is that it hijacks your browser setting. The malware does not allow you to open antivirus related websites and every time you try to do so, you are either being redirected to some other websites or the browser crashes on its own.

Below mentioned are some of the keywords that Linkey Project uses in order to restrict accessibility to the website domains that might assist you in getting rid of the infection from your PC:

  • bd_rem
  • cfremo
  • kill
  • stinger
  • avira
  • activescan
  • adware
  • enigma
  • precisesecurity
  • bdtools
  • avast
  • trendmicro

The malware escapes detection to the normal eyes by scrambling or encrypting the codes. This threat is self replicating in nature and contains a “PAYLOAD”. Just like a missile does to the warhead, the payload programmed inside Linkey Project causes all sorts of problems inside the hard drive thereby making it a dumb box. So in all likelihood it is imperative on the user’s perspective to get hold of the infection and remove it ASAP.


Linkey Project: Modifies System Security Settings

The first and foremost thing this threat does is terminate the NtQueryInformationProcess from the ntdll.dll in Windows Registry Editor. After that depending upon the computer name, the threat creates a Mutex name and injects itself to processes like svchost.exe and explorer.exe.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL\”CheckedValue” = “0” registry key is modified so as to hide the malicious files and its attributes. After that it executes “netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled” command that disables the auto tuning of the Windows PC.

Linkey Project replicates itself and generates one or more copy of itself at one of the following locations on the system hard drive:

  • %Temp%\[Random Name].dll
  • %System32%\[Random Name].dll
  • %Program Files%\Movie Maker\[Random Name].dll
  • %Program Files%\Internet Explorer\[Random Name].dll

This particular threat enumerates all the existing ADMIN users from the available networks and connects to any one of the users that has a weak password. Actually this malware does a dictionary attack on the passwords and some of the examples are mentioned below:

  1. admin
  2. admin123
  3. administrator
  4. access
  5. account
  6. academia
  7. asdsa
  8. boss123

Linkey Project Manual Removal for Internet Explorer

  • Open IE and then go to Tools >> Manage Add Ons
  • Click on Toolbars and Extension
  • Uninstall All Programs Related to Linkey Project
  • Select ‘Search Providers’ and click on ‘Disable Suggestions’
  • From Tools >> Internet Options, select General tab
  • Enter “” or any site as default homepage
  • Click on “OK” to save the settings

Linkey Project Manual Removal for Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the browser and go to Tools >> Add On
  • Choose “Extensions” >> Linkey Project and uninstall
  • Reset homepage from Tools >> Options
  • Change the homepage to

Linkey Project Manual Removal for Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome and click on Customize icon
  • Select Options and select “Basic”
  • Change the homepage to
  • Click on “Manage Search Engines”
  • Choose Google as default search engine


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User Guide to Run Linkey Project Removal Tool

Step 1:


The very first step is to download and install the tool. It will take few second to install and then you are able to access the software interface. You have to click on the “scan computer” button and the software will start making search for the Linkey Project in your systems.

Step 2:


In this step, Linkey Project Removal Tool scans the hard drive to locate the virus infected items. All the scanned threats are shown in a thumbnail format as displayed with description that how severely the items are infected.

Step 3:


A built in feature known as “Spyware Removal Tool HelpDesk” is available with this software. With the help of this feature you can get complete information related to the malware and the spyware which you encountered in the system.

Step 4:


In the forth step “System Guard” is used in order to stop the entrance of all vicious items into your system and thus preventing your PC from future malware and threat attacks.